Eric Dorr



Dream Routine


Released September 25, 2017

All Songs written by Eric Dorr (© ASCAP 2017) all rights reserved

Produced by Sawyer Bernath

Recorded at: 
-The Keep in Denver by Nick Sullivan (drums/aux percussion) 
-Harmony Music House in Boulder (horns) 
-Home Studio for the rest

Mixed and mastered by Brandon Calano at Coupe Studios in Boulder

Album artwork by Bridget Dorr

Eric Dorr sang and played guitar, some synths, and trumpet on track 2
Sawyer Bernath sang harmonies and played bass/the rest of the synths
Harry Forlenza-Bailey played keys on tracks 1, 3, 5, 6 and trombone on tracks 2, 3, 6
Carl Sorensen played drums and aux percussion

Liz Berube sang harmonies on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6
Bridget Dorr sang harmonies on tracks 5, 6
Mitchel Evan sang harmonies on track 6

Thanks to my family and friends for all your support over the past few years; you've pushed me to go for this and your encouragement was greatly appreciated. Thanks to Sawyer for wonderfully balancing the line of producer/friend/bandmate; it's hard to describe just how much work you put into this project and how much I appreciate it. 

Additional thanks to Meagan for your early input towards some of these tunes, Robby for letting us record horns, Ryan for designing the website, and Kristen for use of your fancy mic. 

Thanks to Lynette, Katie BG, Elyse, Irena, Molly, Jake, Kelsey, Detrick, Blaire, Kristen, Brad, Pamela, Monica, Tracy, Christy, Robby, Monica, Kim, Abby, Katie L, Kristine, Noreen, Michael, Sean, Kat, Jessica, Ann, Jon, Laura, Amy, Hector, Mary Beth, Kate, Angela, Matt, Karen, Rich, Kate, Teresa, Mickey, Katy, Georgi, Laura, Ferin, Grace, Peter, Ryan, Beth for your donation to my Kickstarter.

A very special thanks to Sue, Frank, Mandi, Michael, Roger, Ewan, Joann, Dan for their donation at/above my highest tier.. Without all your generosity, the logistics surrounding this project would have been much tougher. 

And finally, unlimited thanks to my wife Bridget for listening to early drafts of songs, coming to countless shows, helping me navigate the world of social media/promotion, and for your love and friendship day in and day out.

all rights reserved